Hex empire island maps

hex empire island maps

If you don't like the map chosen randomly at the game start you can always If you conquer an empire, its provinces will revolt and will become to win any map on hard with any color, less cities or just islands - even better. Yes, the title would no longer be fitting (7-city- hex - empire), however the point .. Saying many rivers split (at that scale not just for islands or deltas) is . I have to set their starting points very far when the map editor comes out. Hex Empire 2 is the multiplayer version of Hex Empire. Although able to play solo, the main idea is multiplayer. The maps are much smaller and the graphics.


Hex Empires: Grave Consequences - Game play This map was kinda boring. First, ignore red, just hold the small land bridge. I tried to give as many bonuses as possible to all districs without wasting space mountains outside borders. Not in amount of land. Turned out easier than you said, in normal mode. hex empire island maps