When do you split the pot in texas holdem

Since in texas holdem it is the best five cards wins, person L would actually win. Because, the best five cards you can make with those are A,A. When you 're facing a bet on the river in Texas Hold'em, the vast majority of the time So, how do you work out whether or not you should call to split the pot?. In Texas Hold'em poker, there are some cases where a particular . So strike that right away: if you can 't beat your opponent with five If multiple people share the highest card (obviously in a different suit) they split the pot. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Im Pot sind nun 4 x Chips. It's once things get a little bit more complicated that people start to get confused. Alice wins because of her extra 7, compared to the 6 of Bob Thank you very much for your answers. Hier gibt es öfters mal Missverständnisse, so dass hier nun mal gängige Regelungen zur Ermittlung des Gewinns gelistet werden. If yes, the one with the highest 'set of 4' is the winner.


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